An incident from the Prophet (Peace be upon him)`s life in which he said on one occasion when he saw an individual lying on the ground by the name of the Ya`ish Ibn Thikfah.

He saw him lying on the ground on his stomach so he came and he nudged him with his foot. When he woke up and he looked at the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). He told him, this is the method of lying which God hates!

People commonly, they like to sleep on her stomach and I know this is one of the Etiquettes of sleeping in Islam and I remember on one occasion when I was in Panama  teaching a course there in Islamic Etiquettes and I spoke on this afterwards people asked me, why why is it disliked to sleep on your stomach? and I really didn't have an answer anyway I just told him Hey... Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said God hates it, dislikes it, better you don't do it, from there I was flying to Guyana to do a course in Guyana also... whilst i was on the airplane.

I was reading Time magazine and this Time magazine issue was dedicated to the latest developments in spinal surgery they were showing the latest medical hardware and how it dealt with the problems of slipped discs and crushed discs and the different operations, they were doing and they showed pictures of people Back cut open etc, and at the end of it all they had a list of doctors recommendation to avoid spinal problems number one on the list was don't sleep on your stomach! that was number one and they went on to explain they gave all explanation about it, yes, the spine is heavy bony structure heaviest one in your whole body. 

When you sleep on your stomach everything in front of it is soft tissue soft organs your intestines, your stomach, your lungs.... all of this is soft so what happens is that this the spine sags downwards and this is what contributes to the exaggerated what they call lumbar curvature of the spine, The old people walking around with their backs like this, This is from this yeah! they pointed it out furthermore I said MaShaAllah that was something!, then that was like 1981 when I came across that Alhamdulilah from then on.

 I used to mention it in lectures and so on so but you can see this is benefit there something that you can't imagine! 1400 years ago... Muslims when the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him said) said don't do it because it's hated by Allah they stopped doing it. Though they used to like to sleep on their stomach, just as we do and over these 1400 years they benefited. 

All the people who didn't do it were harmed in one way or another. So I said MaShaAllah! and that's how we should approach the things which Allah has prohibited and disliked and it's better not to do it. stay away from it because there's harm in it even if we can't see where the harm is.

Dr. Bilal Philips

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