Where is Allah

A large number of Muslims if this question was posed to them they would give the wrong answer that goes against what the Quran established and what the prophet [Peace be upon him] brought. They will say that Allah is everywhere and what they mean by that "Allah is really everywhere" and not explaining it, Allah is here with us and so forth and so on and thats the wrong answer.

In the Quran. There are seven ayat showing that it has been repeated so many times, seven ayat describing to us Where Allah is, in the same way that He SWT is Muthtawen Al Al-Arsh. He said in the Quran meaning of the ayat; It is Allah swt, your Lord Allah is the one who created the heavens and he created the earth and then he went above his Throne.

Another way that we know that Allah swt is above his Throne is the word in Arabic which is Al- Fawqiyah that ayat of the Quran and Ahadith many they describe that Allah swt is above, He said about himself وهو القاهر فوق عباده  the one who is Mighty! He is Dominate. He said that he is Al- Qahir and he is above his creation. He is above his servants! In addition to that there are many ayat and Ahadith, Quranic ayat that describe the So`ud that the things go up to Allah. Our deeds, actions, our Du`a the angles, Jibril they go up to Allah swt.

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